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First of all, it's nice, for a change, to get
a *real* email from Lvirden, actually sent
by larry himself, and not some spam-generator
that's somehow broken into his computer and
grabbed my email-addr from somewhere there.
I've been getting maybe one per day.

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 11:35:48AM -0400, Larry W. Virden wrote:
> I have a problem for which I'd love to locate or implement a solution
> Before I start thinking about hacking, I thought I would ask to see if
> something is already here.
> I often select a series of articles and do one save of the group to a file.
> Unfortunately, when asked for a file name, I occasionally type in a name
> that not only is wrong, but at times could never be right.

You mean like "s foo.bax"?   (instead of

> In these cases, trn has no mechanism that I've found to tell it to stop
> asking me about things .

What happens when I (deliberately) do that, and that
explicitly named file (foo.bax) doesn't exist, trn asks
if I want it to be started in mailbox format, and
prompts "y, n, q", and typing q works just dandy. 
> (the same problem exists when getting into the mode of being asked whether
> I want to subscribe to new newsgroups - if it turns out that 300 newsgroups
> were created over night, I'm stuck answering all these prompts).

I say "trn -p", and when I get into it, the first
thing might be a list of newsgroups (newly available
at my isp) (oh, I use a shell acct), eg 30 new
groups from M$, *none* of which I care one iota about,
so I simply hit <return>, and poof, my normal screen
of subscribed-to groups comes up.


Clearly, something's different about either your trn
or the dot-files for it.

> I'd love to find some way to tell trn, when its asking me a question, 
> 'PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW and return to the state right
> before the questions began'

Maybe someone else can say exactly *why* you're getting
this horrible behavior.



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