TRN: Is the separate Pnews used for "F(ollowup)"? (want to hack it)

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I would like it if trn, whenever I either
did a from-the-command-line Pnews-post,
or via a F(ollowup) from *within* trn,
would append a line to some file, eg
"my-trn-postings", that contained:


Now, since Pnews is just a shell-script,
this hack would be easy enough to do --
*if* that same Pnews script was the
mechanism trn used for followups.

QUESTION: is it?

Also, what to define or how to
modify $path to make trn use
*my* hacked-version of Pnews (ie,
how does trn-code *ref* Pnews?  By
some relative-ref based on where trn
that's now running "lives"?




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