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It would really be great if:

(a) one or more people (working together?) would
    *document* Pnews,

    , so that without much study, we can understand
    exactly how it works,

    , and therefore can figure out ourselves how
    to insert *our own* hacks!

(b) these wonderful perl-callouts that have recently
    been sent out to the list -- perhaps *they too*
    could be documented, so that if we want to
    make additions to them, we can do it.

(c) Thanks so much for the scripts; because of
    the wide range of shell-programming (or for
    perl), it would be a help to at least *some*
    of us if those "left as an exercise" statements
    were fully fleshed out -- perhaps with the
    prolog of "Actually, the following should
    be totally *obvious* to all on this list;
    however, just in case, I explain it anyway
    (for the dodos :-)."

(d) Perhaps we could have an *informal* way to
    collect together, perhaps at some web site,
    the various hacks people have done?

Again, thanks for showing us the code
you use to make trn more useful.



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