Any way to keep 1-line record of my postings?

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Here's the problem (probably not just mine,
but of lots of us):

I post things to various newsgroups, either
via Pnews or by "f" or "F" in trn.

Having done that, I go back to what I had
been doing before running try, now trying
to fight all the day's emergencies, handle
phone calls, etc, etc.

Just like all of us.

Except -- I soon *forget* that I posted to
those particular newsgroups.

And, it's only polite to go back and see
if there's been any replies, uh, whithin
several hours, one day, three days, two weeks,
you choose one of those as your delay-in-response.

Well, whichever one of those you like to
work by, doesn't really matter, if you've
forgotten what you did.  Right?

And as we get busier, or as we get older,
the forgetting happens more often.


What I would LIKE from trn would be that
whenever I did a post, trn would append
maybe just a single line to a trn-logfile,
that line having the format perhaps of:

date/time newsgroupName subject

Then, to see what needs looking for replies,
I just "tail -20 trnlogfile.txt".

Would that be of help to anyone else?

and say so.

Probably, only if several of us say that we
could each use such a feature, will it be
considered for inclusion.




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