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Behold the words of Matt Ackeret <>, dated Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 08:05:42PM CET:
: So how do I figure out how to READ this thing?  That's why I started this
: question/discussion in the first place.
: For example:
:   (A)+-(B)
:      \-(C)
: I replaced the "1"s with letters.  (and is the # ever anything but 1?)
: What is the relationship of A to B to C?  I don't understand what
: horizontally versus "diagonally" means.  I mean, it's something like
: reply to the message specifically rather than just another message
: in the thread.

Both B and C are direct follow-ups to A, and A is the first message in
that thread.  No follow-ups to B and C.  That's all the info you can
extract from that tree, unless there's some meaning to the vertical
ordering of the siblings, like if B was posted before C or something

It's not "diagonally", it's just an attempty to make the ASCII art look
nice, like the corner is rounded when the line turns turns from vertical
to horizontal.

  Lars J

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