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On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Lars J. Aas wrote:
>Behold the words of Mike Castle <>, dated Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 04:52:53AM CET:
>: In article <>,
>: Matt Ackeret  <> wrote:
>: >I actually have this TURNED OFF, so if I can turn it on during my run of
>: >trn (or even go into some "thread view mode" of the current thread, while
>: >still not seeing it normally).
>: You're talking about the mini-thread in the top right hand corner of the
>: first screen?
>Yes, I think he's talking about the main reason for me using trn instead
>of an alternative newsreader.

I guess I made up that "tree view" term, I had thought I heard it somewhere
(presumably this list).

>Matt, you really should turn it on.  It's an essential part of the trn
>experience :)

Well, I don't want it *ON*, since it wastes part of the screen space that
I don't care about 99% of the time.

>When I navigate threads, I always use the tree as a map, and I navigate
>with the cursor keys - didn't know about the ()[] keys, nor do I think

Yeah the arrow keys work even when you manually do a 't' at a prompt.
I had previously hit arrow keys accidentally and it jumped around, I just
never knew what it was doing.

I guess it is inverting the number and parentheses around the number of
the message I JUST read (or "am reading" if you use the upper right hand

>Anyways, having the tree up there is just brilliant, because if you have
>an answer to a message you will immediately see if others have replied
>directly to the same message already, and you can quickly scan through
>those before replying yourself.  It's also brilliant because you can see

Yeah, but you could/can just "m"ark the message, space-through the rest of
the thread, and see if anybody answered it.  (At least that's what I currently

>from the tree which news message comes up next when you hit space.  Is it
>a reply to this message? - a reply to the parent? - or are you jumping far
>into another sub-branch of the thread?  If you're planning to post a

So how do I figure out how to READ this thing?  That's why I started this
question/discussion in the first place.

For example:

I replaced the "1"s with letters.  (and is the # ever anything but 1?)

What is the relationship of A to B to C?  I don't understand what
horizontally versus "diagonally" means.  I mean, it's something like
reply to the message specifically rather than just another message
in the thread.

>follow-up, you'll likely want to read the related posts in advance, but
>avoid reading your way into an unrelated branch or - heaven forbid - end

unrelated branch?  Wow, that sounds like more "work" reading Usenet than
I want to get into -- but that's why I'm trying to get explanations/real
world examples.  I may change my mind.   I mean, I *used* to (argh, I guess
this was 10 or more years ago) not even like the idea of threaded news,
because so many people posted unrelated articles in the same thread, so
just viewing by subject seemed useless..  (Yes, I purposely used "unrelated"
again, and I know it does more than just by subject, but the subject is
still part of the process, right?)  Heck, now I even thread email, with pine.

Basically, this info so far is useful (at least I now know how to
navigate the tree, I just don't understand what the tree means), and may
get me used to using another feature of trn.

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