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Could someone give a little explanation of how to use the little thread
tree thing?   Or a pointer to a FAQ?

I actually have this TURNED OFF, so if I can turn it on during my run of
trn (or even go into some "thread view mode" of the current thread, while
still not seeing it normally).

Basically, I don't know how to use it nor how it could help me.

Here's what happened.

I was reading a thread, and realized I wanted to reply to a post I read
a few back.  There is/was no easy way to get back to that older message
that I knew of.   So I did my normal workaround of:  hit U, # on the thread,
space through the messages up until I find the one I want to reply to.

Basically, I thought if someone explains this once, I (and hopefully others)
may learn something and get more use out of trn in the future.

BTW, here's what hitting "t" shows me, around where I originally had the

[1] Lifetime membership is a lie
[2] DSR6000....similar problems?

     |         |    \-(1)
     |         |-(1)
     |         \-(1)
          |    |    \-[1]
          |    \-[1]

basically, I have no idea what that means, nor how to navigate around it.
(I guess I can't navigate around it in a pine-like way, since it's just a
static display.)

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