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In article <>,
Matt Ackeret  <> wrote:
>I actually have this TURNED OFF, so if I can turn it on during my run of
>trn (or even go into some "thread view mode" of the current thread, while
>still not seeing it normally).

You're talking about the mini-thread in the top right hand corner of the
first screen?

>BTW, here's what hitting "t" shows me, around where I originally had the
>[1] Lifetime membership is a lie
>[2] DSR6000....similar problems?
>  (1)+-(1)
>     |-(1)
>     |-(1)
>     |-(1)
>     |-(1)--(1)+-(1)+-(1)
>     |         |    \-(1)
>     |         |-(1)
>     |         \-(1)
>     |-(1)
>     \-(1)+-(1)+-(1)+-(1)--[1]
>          |    |    \-[1]
>          |    \-[1]
>          \-[1]
>  [2]--[1]
>basically, I have no idea what that means, nor how to navigate around it.
>(I guess I can't navigate around it in a pine-like way, since it's just a
>static display.)

One of those should have been highlighted, correct?

To navigate around it, use [,],(,),{ and } (I think the arrow keys work
too, though I never use them).

If you're reading in thread order, it should be easy enough to figure out
what the last post was you read, or at least close to it.


     Mike Castle
    We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan.  -- Watchmen
fatal ("You are in a maze of twisty compiler features, all different"); -- gcc

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