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Behold the words of Mike Castle <>, dated Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 04:52:53AM CET:
: In article <>,
: Matt Ackeret  <> wrote:
: >I actually have this TURNED OFF, so if I can turn it on during my run of
: >trn (or even go into some "thread view mode" of the current thread, while
: >still not seeing it normally).
: You're talking about the mini-thread in the top right hand corner of the
: first screen?

Yes, I think he's talking about the main reason for me using trn instead
of an alternative newsreader.

Matt, you really should turn it on.  It's an essential part of the trn
experience :)

When I navigate threads, I always use the tree as a map, and I navigate
with the cursor keys - didn't know about the ()[] keys, nor do I think
I'll use those keys since I'm now used to the cursor keys and I'm more
of a hjkl-guy for alternative navigation.  In X Windows with an xterm
you can even do point-and-click on the tree with the mouse thingie to
your right.

Anyways, having the tree up there is just brilliant, because if you have
an answer to a message you will immediately see if others have replied
directly to the same message already, and you can quickly scan through
those before replying yourself.  It's also brilliant because you can see
from the tree which news message comes up next when you hit space.  Is it
a reply to this message? - a reply to the parent? - or are you jumping far
into another sub-branch of the thread?  If you're planning to post a
follow-up, you'll likely want to read the related posts in advance, but
avoid reading your way into an unrelated branch or - heaven forbid - end
up in another thread.  When you've decided to post your follow-up,
navigating in place, looking at the tree view, is a piece of cake.

Note to the trn developers: Why is the tree view even an option?  :)

  Lars J

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