Re: I keep getting logged out of webmail

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Somewhere the reply-to address for the list got butchered.  Latest reply
from me:

On Mon, May 10, 2021 3:09 pm, James B. Byrne wrote:
>> What version of SM are you using?
> SquirrelMail version 1.4.23 [SVN]
>> When was the date of the last time you installed it?
> pkg info squirrelmail-php73
> squirrelmail-php73-20190904
> Name           : squirrelmail-php73
> Version        : 20190904
> Installed on   : Sat Mar 21 20:16:30 2020 EDT
> Origin         : mail/squirrelmail
> Architecture   : FreeBSD:12:*
>> Can you please update it?
> Not until and unless the FreeBSD port package is updated.

You can download a nightly tarball from our downloads page and install it
in a parallel directory to see if it works any differently.

>> When you are properly logged in, are the cookies shown to have the
>> HttpOnly and Secure attributes enabled?
> A screenshot of the FF storage inspector is attached.

Ok, the cookies look secure when you are logged in.  FYI I have a better
version of Quicksave that doesn't have such message size limitations as
when storing its data in cookies.

You keep ignoring my suggestion to look at $check_mail_mechanism.  Is the
left/folder frame where the "must be logged in" message appears?
Right-click in that frame, hit H then R to cause that frame only to reload
and see if you are in fact logged out.  If you're not, changing this
setting may help.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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