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El Mie, 30 de Diciembre de 2020, 4:50, Paul Lesniewski escribió:
··> Thanks Paul, latest svn stable version did the trick, eventhough I still
··> have two minor problems,
··> 1. image buttons have desapeared, I can enable and disable the plugin but
··> icons don't show
·· What image button?
··> 2. If  my mail composition preference is the html format, when answering a
··> txt format received
··> mail the text from the original message is not recovered, I have to change
··> the setting...
··> Default Email Composition Format: Plain Text
··> to get the text from the message I'm answering into the response.
··> On the contrary, this does not happen with the mails that were sent to me
··> in html format.
··> Some advice?
·· Maybe follow the posting guidelines?  You have to post details about what
·· you installed and give us more to go on.

Ok, image_buttons plugin working again, I had to run the patch again and that did it...

The installed SM I have is 1.4.23 [SVN] from

Stable version Subversion source code repository access
svn checkout

Related plugins:
HTML Mail plugin for SquirrelMail Ver 2.3, 2005/10/15
view_as_html 3.8

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