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El Mar, 29 de Diciembre de 2020, 18:31, Paul Lesniewski escribió:
··  On Tue, December 29, 2020 2:54 pm, "Andrés Chandía" wrote:
·· >>
·· > Thanks for your advice Atoth,
·· > I've found at least 4 patches in the thread you sent me, but I think you
·· > refer to this one:
·· >
·· > quoted_printable_fix-1.4.x-version_3.diff
·· >
·· > I tried to apply it, but it always got rejected, so I checked the
·· > implicated files
·· > functions/i18n.php and functions/strings.php, and I have found that they
·· > already had what the
·· > patch was applying, exept that in file functions/strings.php there was a
·· > section not included
·· > which I included manually, but there was no imporvement anyway.
··  This is always a bad sign and no one can really help you when it becomes
··  that messy.
·· > Actually as you can see in
·· > this mail nor even what you wrote to me is recovered in the reply.
··  <snip>
·· > here are the packages I have installed:
·· >
·· > squirrelmail_1.4.23~svn20120406-2ubuntu1_all.deb
··  This could easily be the problem.  Please start over with a svn snapshot
··  build from our downloads page instead.

Thanks Paul, latest svn stable version did the trick, eventhough I still have two minor problems,

1. image buttons have desapeared, I can enable and disable the plugin but icons don't show
2. If  my mail composition preference is the html format, when answering a txt format received
mail the text from the original message is not recovered, I have to change the setting...

Default Email Composition Format: Plain Text

to get the text from the message I'm answering into the response.
On the contrary, this does not happen with the mails that were sent to me in html format.

Some advice?

Thanks again....

<br />_______________________<br />             andrés chandía

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