Re: The latest version of Squirrelmail 1.5.2 will only connect to MySQL-databases if I not change the default table names

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On Sun, 2019-08-11 at 15:27 +0000, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
> > 2. Is it possible that configtest.php can be modified, so you see an error
> > if Squirrelmail not can find the tables in MySQL-databases?
> That's a morass that I don't think we'll wade into.  There's plenty of
> different database engines out there and lots of ways to create tables. 
> If you need just the basics, there is in fact a CREATE TABLE example at
> the top of functions/db_prefs.php in the source code.

I'm just reviewing this discussion in passing, but many application
packages, such as SpamAssassin, which rely on databases, and can use
any of several db server technologies, supply a number of ready-to-run
CREATE scripts (not just examples) with names such as "dbsetup.mysql",
"dbasetup.postgresql", etc. which can be passed on stdin to a CLI
database client for the appropriate technology to pretty much automate
proper database setup.

I don't believe the version of Squirrelmail on my server requires this,
but it's SOP for many applications which do.

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