Re: The latest version of Squirrelmail 1.5.2 will only connect to MySQL-databases if I not change the default table names

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Hi Paul

---Paul Lesniewski wrote on August 11, 2019 00:25---
> SquirrelMail does not create database tables for you. You are responsible for doing that and the configuration lets you adapt the table and column names as necessary to your environment.

1. Is it a new option, that Squirrelmail not create the tables in MySQL-databases (back in March 2018, I not means that I should create the tables for Squirrelmail myself)?

2. Is it possible that configtest.php can be modified, so you see an error if Squirrelmail not can find the tables in MySQL-databases?

It is a little confused that configtest.php first write that I fine connect to MySQL-databases, but after that Squirrelmail not can find the tables when I try to login.


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