The latest version of Squirrelmail 1.5.2 will only connect to MySQL-databases if I not change the default table names

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Hi everyone


Today I have installed the latest developer version of Squirrelmail 1.5.2
[SVN) from the Squirrelmail website.


In connection with some tests, I installed Squirrelmail on two different
subdomains on my webhost remotely via FTP. One where Squirrelmail store
information about users etc. in folders on the webhost itself, and another
where Squirrelmail store the same information on an MySQL-database. The
first setup working fine.


When I try to setup the database-information in Squirrelmail (via the, I also try to change the default name on the database
table. For example I will install user preferences in a table with the name
newuserprefs instead of the default name, userprefs.


Whatever I try, Squirrelmail will not create the tables. When I try to run
the configuration test php-file from
http://test.domain.xx/src/configtest.php, Squirrelmail tell me that they
fine connect to the MySQL-database. When I after that take a look in the
MySQL-database via PHP-admin, I not can see the tables. If I try to login,
Squirrelmail give me an error about that they not can execute the


The only way where I can store information's from Squirrelmail in the
MySQL-database is when I not change the default name on the tables.


Is it an error in Squirrelmail since they not will connect/create tables in
the MySQL-databases with other names then the default, or do you have a
solution I can try (e.g. manually change some PHP-files)?

I only modify the config.php-file.


Thanks in advance for your answer, and have a nice day.




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