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On 2016å¹´12æ??14æ?¥ 05:50, "Andrés Chandía"
wrote: >  >  > Hi there, I'm trying to add new translation pairs to an already existent
translations set, > actually in Spanish. So, to the
"squirrelmail.po" I have added for instance: >
 > msgid "Move All" > msgstr "Mover todo" > 
> then I run > the command:
>  > msgfmt -o
squirrelmail.po >  > But in
the end > the expresion never appears translated at the mail
interface... any advice?  Sounds like you're translating a string that belongs to the
Move All Messages plugin. You shouldn't add strings at random to the main po(t) file; find the
string you're looking to translate amongst the po files we provide and go from there.  If you
think the string is missing, that's another question.

Thanks, that helped me with the translation of the "Move All Messages" and
"Notes" plugins, but how do I manage those plugins which don't even mentions things
about translation or locale like: "Notify", "Small Cal" or "To
Do". For Small Call there is a "smallcal.po" file at the
"squirrelmail/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES" directory, but does not works...

By the way, there are no good instructions on how to translate plugins, so I would like to
contribute with some:

Notes: I will give examples for Spnish language (es_ES),
change accordingly.
             Where it says
"plugin" replace for the actual plugin name.
1. Go to your plugin folder 
and do next command: « grep -r "local" . » This will show you where
should the locale files be placed for this plugin.
2. If the previous command shows you
this line: « bindtextdomain('plugin', SM_PATH . 'locale'); » it means that you
have to place your .po file at « squirrelmail/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/plugin.po
2.1 If the command shows you something like: « bindtextdomain('plugin', SM_PATH .
'plugins/plugin/locale'); » it means that you have to put your .po file in the
"locale" directory inside your "plugin" directory, where you have to have
or create the structure: "es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/", 
3. Look for the .po or .pot
file provided by the plugin and copy it to the adequate location (2 or 2.1).
4. cd to the
directory containing the .po file, edit it and change the line "Content-Type: text/plain;
charset=CHARSET\n" to "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-15\n" (or the
character set that fits your squirrelmail language setting).
5. Add the the translations
pairs (msgid / msgstr) and save.
6. Check the character codification of your .po file:
« file -b  plugin.po »
6. 1. If you need, convert the file encoding like
this: « iconv -f UTF-8 -t ISO-8859-15 plugin.po > plugin.po.iso »
« mv plugin.po.iso plugin.po »
8. finally binarize your .po file: «
msgfmt -o plugin.po »



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