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>> I'm trying to understand how the logins work:
>> Oct 2 09:22:28 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 09:51:23 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 10:15:23 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 10:33:47 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 10:51:06 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 11:59:54 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> Oct 2 12:32:32 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
>> There were no LOGOUT entries between each of these. How can I
>> determine what the typical "login" or "session" would be, not when
>> apparently the imap client logged in?
>> In other words, are these actual logins, or periodic checks by the
>> underlying IMAP client (dovecot)?
> Your understanding should be correct. Actual IMAP logins happen once or
> more per page view. There will be many more of those. Your user above is
> displaying strange behavior. If you find that the user isn't actually
> logging in at those times, I could look around the code.

This user's account was hacked. This is part of an investigation into
whether webmail was one of the sources of this hack.

We know submission was involved, but did not think webmail was a source as well.


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