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I have a squirrelmail-1.4.23 install that has been running fine on
fedora for a long time. I have the squirrel_logger plugin installed,
which I believe is the one responsible for writing to the

I'm trying to understand how the logins work:

Oct 2 09:22:28 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 09:51:23 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 10:15:23 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 10:33:47 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 10:51:06 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 11:59:54 [LOGIN] user1 ( from
Oct 2 12:32:32 [LOGIN] user1 ( from

There were no LOGOUT entries between each of these. How can I
determine what the typical "login" or "session" would be, not when
apparently the imap client logged in?

In other words, are these actual logins, or periodic checks by the
underlying IMAP client (dovecot)?

Why wouldn't the LOGOUT entries be recorded? There were a few, but
none within the three hours shown above.


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