Re: Vdagent not working on a Debian guest

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On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 11:52:15PM +0000, Carlos González wrote:
> After trying it yet again, quoting myself:
> >>As already mentioned, the -f and -o options are serving of absolutely
> nothing
> Repeat: *absolutely nothing*
> Same any other directory
> Spice-vdagent's logs say nothing at all.
> The only ones saying something are remote-viewer and qemu-monitor: "file
> transfer is disabled".
> Will you ask me to repeat myself some more times?
> Thanks for that


> El jue, 27 oct 2022 a las 16:55, Uri Lublin (<uril@xxxxxxxxxx>) escribió:
> >>> Now, could we focus on the nasty bug with file
> >>> transferring? As already mentioned, the -f and -o options
> >>> are serving of absolutely nothing...

Just to clarify, the file transfer process is a client <-> guest
message, that means that you could be having a problem in your
client machine and/or in the guest machine.

I recall reading that you had an agent not connected type of
error in the client, which means any feature needing the agent
would not work. I assume that this is been solved, otherwise you
wouldn't get arbitrary resolution working.

Could you please check what remote-viewer --spice-debug outputs
when you try to drag a file in the client machine?

At the same time, if you could have both logs from spice-vdagentd
(which receives spice client's messages) and spice-vdagent (which
is the one that copies the data to destination, that should
either be glib's G_USER_DIRECTORY_DESKTOP or
G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD), that would make it easy to pinpoint
the issue.

From the other threads, I see that you can run the agent's with
debug command line option. The only other thing that I'd mention
is that permissions/paths play their own role in making things
work, but the logs should point to the right direction.


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