Re: Vdagent not working on a Debian guest

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It is verbose indeed, but says *nothing* about file transfer errors.

I think you really could give the live CD a try to see it for yourself, or just close this thread if you just want to say "not interested" once and for all.
But I think we should reach a conclusion, whatever it may be.

El mar, 1 nov 2022 a las 8:38, Frediano Ziglio (<freddy77@xxxxxxxxx>) escribió:
Okay, let's get back to the basics. On a VM I have spice installed and
working. If I run "ps awx | grep spice" I got both spice-vdgentd and
spice-vdagent running.
If I kill (from a graphic terminal console) spice-agent I can launch
manually with something like "spice-agent -d -x -f $HOME/Desktop -o
1". This should be pretty verbose.


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