Re: centos+kvm+nvidia vgpu+win10(guest) spice remote 4K bad perform.

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Hi Leo,

On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 4:28 PM 张伟华 <15529316683@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Uri:
Thanks for your advise of our project.We have try it and here is something we find:
1.we have deploy the spice-streaming-agent in the client and set H254 in libvert xml , applice report error and don't work.
but vp8/vp9 works.
Note that spice-streaming-agent needs to run on the guest.

2.When we use Nvidia vgpu as a mdev device attach to the virtual mathine, we find in logs that spice use picture compress (glz) instead of vedio compress h254.
So we have two question to ask:
1.what we need to do in libvert xml to have a better vedio quality witH NVIDIA VGPU attach as a mdev divice?
This is not done in libvirt domxml, but needs to be configured on the guest.
(of course you need to have via libvirt)

Make sure that the guest's gstreamer1 "knows" the codec.
It works much better when the encoder uses the hardware to encode.

gst-inspect-1.0 | grep 264  | grep -i enc
gst-inspect-1.0 | grep -i vp  | grep -i enc
2.We didn't find spice-streaming-agent for windows in Spice office site. Does spice-streaming-agent only support linux and only have linux version?

Yes, currently there is only a linux version.


ps: One single display  and 4k video is required as one of the main goals  in our project.
Pls help us with those questions.
Best wishes !
leo zhang

At 2022-05-20 04:38:55, "Uri Lublin" <uril@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Leo,

On Thu, May 19, 2022 at 1:43 PM 张伟华 <15529316683@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi :
I am a phd student of Xian Jiaotong university in China.
We have a project to accomplish a remote-desk solution with Nvidia vgpu.
We use spice latest version  and have a bad 4K display quality.
Our environment is like:
1.T4 card with inspure server in nvidia support list
NVIDIA Tesla T4  GPU card

2.redhat 8.2 enterprise  with kvm qemu
3.vgpu software package is 13.x
NVIDIA driver + tools (GRID)
4.vw flavor is 8u 16G. with 40 storage.   vgpu license is vpc ,and vgpu is B-2b.
"vw" == Virtual Workstation
B-2b is the vGPU type? meaning T4-2B ?
Does it help if you configure it with T4-2Q (may require a different license)?

Only a single Display, right ?

Are you running spice-streaming-agent on the guest ?
Try to stream with H264, if you do not already do it
(may require paying fees for using H264).

Is 4k resolution a requirement? If not, try with e.g. 2k.

Hope that helps,

And our issue is attached in appendix.
Please give us some help to solve this.

best wishs;
leo zhang



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