centos+kvm+nvidia vgpu+win10(guest) spice remote 4K bad perform.

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Hi :
I am a phd student of Xian Jiaotong university in China.
We have a project to accomplish a remote-desk solution with Nvidia vgpu.
We use spice latest version  and have a bad 4K display quality.
Our environment is like:
1.T4 card with inspure server in nvidia support list 
2.redhat 8.2 enterprise  with kvm qemu
3.vgpu software package is 13.x
4.vw flavor is 8u 16G. with 40 storage.   vgpu license is vpc ,and vgpu is B-2b.
And our issue is attached in appendix.
Please give us some help to solve this.

best wishs;
leo zhang


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