Re: centos+kvm+nvidia vgpu+win10(guest) spice remote 4K bad perform.

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Hi Uri:
Thanks for your advise of our project.We have try it and here is something we find:
1.we have deploy the spice-streaming-agent in the client and set H254 in libvert xml , applice report error and don't work.
but vp8/vp9 works.
2.When we use Nvidia vgpu as a mdev device attach to the virtual mathine, we find in logs that spice use picture compress (glz) instead of vedio compress h254.
So we have two question to ask:
1.what we need to do in libvert xml to have a better vedio quality witH NVIDIA VGPU attach as a mdev divice?
2.We didn't find spice-streaming-agent for windows in Spice office site. Does spice-streaming-agent only support linux and only have linux version?
ps: One single display  and 4k video is required as one of the main goals  in our project.
Pls help us with those questions.
Best wishes !
leo zhang

At 2022-05-20 04:38:55, "Uri Lublin" <uril@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Leo,

On Thu, May 19, 2022 at 1:43 PM 张伟华 <15529316683@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi :
I am a phd student of Xian Jiaotong university in China.
We have a project to accomplish a remote-desk solution with Nvidia vgpu.
We use spice latest version  and have a bad 4K display quality.
Our environment is like:
1.T4 card with inspure server in nvidia support list
NVIDIA Tesla T4  GPU card

2.redhat 8.2 enterprise  with kvm qemu
3.vgpu software package is 13.x
NVIDIA driver + tools (GRID)
4.vw flavor is 8u 16G. with 40 storage.   vgpu license is vpc ,and vgpu is B-2b.
"vw" == Virtual Workstation
B-2b is the vGPU type? meaning T4-2B ?
Does it help if you configure it with T4-2Q (may require a different license)?

Only a single Display, right ?

Are you running spice-streaming-agent on the guest ?
Try to stream with H264, if you do not already do it
(may require paying fees for using H264).

Is 4k resolution a requirement? If not, try with e.g. 2k.

Hope that helps,

And our issue is attached in appendix.
Please give us some help to solve this.

best wishs;
leo zhang



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