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I have been meessing around with script-fu for only a short while, and
I also would like to automate some highly repetative clicking tasks. 
Generally, a project will entail working with a slew of images, and
generate a defined set of layers and channels within each image; these
layers and channels have identical names in their respective images,
based upon its function within the image.  It then becomes a rather
straight-forward procedure to build the target image file, although
rather cumbersome for the human doing all the clicking.  The major
issue I have in automating this procedure is in the selection of the
correct "drawable", and found that there are gimp functions for
selecting drawables based upon a "tatto", and found it possible to
list layers and channels within an image, this listing produces an
integer array, but unfortunately does not seem to be related to the
"tatto".  Is there a way to link these "integer IDs" to the "tattoos",
or is there another means for cycling through the layers and/or
channels and assigning an appropriate variable to the list or channel
based upon its name.  That is, what I'm looking for is a function that
works like:
  get_layer_by_name( image, name-string ) -> LAYER
  get_layer_by_name( image, name-string, layer_var ) -> BOOLEAN


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