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Hi all,

   i have a suggestion for a min-project in which everyone interested
to help out in documenting script-fu can participate in..

   Currently, we have a hopefully complete list of script-fu
language elements,

   This project is to further enhance this document with syntax
diagrams and example codes.

   Here's my proposal :

1) Start with using the free mind tool.

2) While you are writing your scripts / learning scheme,
   you may have come across some gems, or little bits of knowledge,
   syntax etc..

3) Document this down using free mind, and post the free mind
   source file (.mm) here.

4) Free mind source file are text files, just like script-fu,
   and it can be inter-linked, it also can be used to generate html
   pages later.

5) with these little free mind source files, we can combine them
   and create a large, complete, fully indexed script-fu manual.

   A small example can be seen here..

   The source text file for the above is at

   If everyone contributes just one small diagram, it can go a long 

   Also, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, plus some scheme 
symbols, and the script-fu manual is only a small subset of Scheme 
itself, so documenting it is definitely possible; it is not a 
hurculean task, if many people participate/contribute.

   Let me know what you think..


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