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On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 09:48:18AM -0500, Michael K Lambert wrote:
> We are attempting to intall the latest Red Hat isos onto an LPAR on our
> s390, which is currently running SuSe. We have run into a couple of
> problems right from the start.
> First, there is a typo in the README.
> The line 'gzip < ~redhat/images/initrd.img > initrd.img_unc'
> should read 'gunzip < ~redhat/images/initrd.img > initrd.img_unc'. A small
> point, but worth changing.

I fixed this one.

> Second, after downloading the LCS modules from IBM and inserting them into
> our Initrd.img in the initrd/lib directory, we are still receiveing a no
> module found message when we attempt startup. We are thinking of inserting

This bug is fixed now in our internal tree, thanks for your report !
There is only a somewhat complicated way to circumvent this bug:
- proceed through the installation until the point where you are asked
  to ipl (the end of the installation routines).
- remount the DASD containing your root filesystem and chroot to it.
  As an example:
  mount /mnt/dasda1 /mnt/runtime
  chroot /mnt/runtime
- edit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
  search for this line:
	for i in /lib/modules/ibm-$kernelver/net/*; do
  and change it to
	for i in /lib/modules/ibm/*; do
- save the file and exit from the chroot environment
- umount /mnt/runtime
- ipl

> the lcs.o file into the /lib/modules/2.4.7-6.1BOOT/kernel/drivers/s390/net/
> directory, but I would like some confirmation if this is the actual problem
> before I ruin any more CDs.
> So, does anyone know if this is the necessary course of action and, if not,
> what we should be doing instead? Thank you.
> Michael Lambert

  Karsten Hopp

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