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Charles Hutton (charlesh3@xxxxxxx) said: 
> Apparently you missed part of the chain: the SoundBlaster Live is behaving
> just like the old ISA bus ESS1369 card was. The relevant module (sb or
> emu10k1) is not being loaded at startup. When I did a modprobe sb (for the
> ESS1369 card), the sound appears immediately. When I have the SB Live in the
> system and do a modprobe emu10k1, the sound appears immediately.
> What I'm trying to learn is how to force the system to load the sb or
> emu10k1 module at bootup, via the modules.conf file. So far the only way
> that I know (adding "install sb") doesn't work.

You can add 'modprobe sound-slot-0' to /etc/rc.local, or /etc/rc.modules.


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