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Alan Cox wrote:

On Llu, 2003-04-28 at 17:35, Charles Hutton wrote:
> I pulled a SoundBlaster Live out of another computer and put it in my RH9
> system that had just been freshly installed.

Did you also move the cd audio cable across to the other card ?

Apparently you missed part of the chain: the SoundBlaster Live is behaving
just like the old ISA bus ESS1369 card was. The relevant module (sb or
emu10k1) is not being loaded at startup. When I did a modprobe sb (for the
ESS1369 card), the sound appears immediately. When I have the SB Live in the
system and do a modprobe emu10k1, the sound appears immediately.

What I'm trying to learn is how to force the system to load the sb or
emu10k1 module at bootup, via the modules.conf file. So far the only way
that I know (adding "install sb") doesn't work.


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