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I was impressed with RH 8 but thins have deteriorated after the install.  The first thing to stop working was sound.  I'm suer it is easily fixed but I haven't figured out how.

RH 8.0
Dell Precision 210
integrated sound card - 16-bit Plug and Play Crystal 3D CS4237B (according to online specifications)

I have loaded and run "sndconfig" and it does play a sound very dimly.

The hardware browser "Sound cards" shows a "CS4236B:Game" using the "cs4232" driver with a "N/A" for the device.  A "CS4236B:WSS/SB" is also shown under sound cards using the "ad1848" driver with a "N/A" for the device.  Under "Unknown devices" it shows a "CS4236B:Ctrl" using a "ns558" driver with a "N/A" for the device.

None of the sound applications work.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Wells AIA
Director of Information Systems
MHTN Architects, Inc.

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