Re: [Sound] AC97 codec ready in one computer and not ready in theother.

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On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 17:24, Miguel QuirÃs wrote:
> Sorry again, I am disturbing you too much because of my ignorance. I am
> not used to swim in "developer waters", I am just an user (never done
> anything more difficult than compiling a kernel) and do not know who is
> Marcelo or where his or your "stuff" can be. How can I access the
> required files, must I do ftp or http to where? And look for exactly
> which files or directory? (If the files are not too large, you could
> perhaps attach them to your reply).

Ok Marcelo Tosatti is the maintainer of the 2.4 kernel tree (Linus just
works on the development code). So the 2.4.20 tar ball you see comes
from Marcelo and is found on

I collect other stuff to help Marcelo and build additional patches to
add to it at

Or you could wait for 2.4.21-pre8 which should have the missing changes

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