Re: Is it time to remove reiserfs?

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> > But I believe userbase is bigger than you think and it will not be
> > possible to remove reiserfs anytime soon.
> I was about to say the opposite until I noticed that one of my main
> dev machine has its kernel git dir on it because it's an old FS from
> a previous instance of this machine before an upgrade and it turns out
> that this FS still had lots of available space to store git trees
> :-/


> So maybe you're right and there are still a bit more than expected out
> there. However I really think that most users who still have one are in
> the same situation as I am, they're not aware of it. So aside big fat
> warnings at mount time (possibly with an extra delay), there's nothing
> that will make that situation change.
> At the very least disabling it by default in Kconfig and in distros
> should be effective. I really don't think that there are still users
> who regularly update their system and who have it on their rootfs, but
> still having data on it, yes, possibly. The earlier they're warned,
> the better.

I guess we should start by making sure that distributions don't use it
by default. Big fat warning + delay is a bit harsh for that, talking
to them should be enough at this point :-).

Someone start with Arch Linux ARM.
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