Re: Is it time to remove reiserfs?

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> > Keeping reiserfs in the tree has certain costs.  For example, I would
> > very much like to remove the 'flags' argument to ->write_begin.  We have
> > the infrastructure in place to handle AOP_FLAG_NOFS differently, but
> > AOP_FLAG_CONT_EXPAND is still around, used only by reiserfs.
> > 
> > Looking over the patches to reiserfs over the past couple of years, there
> > are fixes for a few syzbot reports and treewide changes.  There don't
> > seem to be any fixes for user-spotted bugs since 2019.  Does reiserfs
> > still have a large install base that is just very happy with an old
> > stable filesystem?  Or have all its users migrated to new and exciting
> > filesystems with active feature development?
> > 
> > We've removed support for senescent filesystems before (ext, xiafs), so
> > it's not unprecedented.  But while I have a clear idea of the benefits to
> > other developers of removing reiserfs, I don't have enough information to
> > weigh the costs to users.  Maybe they're happy with having 5.15 support
> > for their reiserfs filesystems and can migrate to another filesystem
> > before they upgrade their kernel after 5.15.
> > 
> > Another possibility beyond outright removal would be to trim the kernel
> > code down to read-only support for reiserfs.  Most of the quirks of
> > reiserfs have to do with write support, so this could be a useful way
> > forward.  Again, I don't have a clear picture of how people actually
> > use reiserfs, so I don't know whether it is useful or not.
> > 
> > NB: Please don't discuss the personalities involved.  This is purely a
> > "we have old code using old APIs" discussion.
> So from my distro experience installed userbase of reiserfs is pretty small
> and shrinking. We still do build reiserfs in openSUSE / SLES kernels but
> for enterprise offerings it is unsupported (for like 3-4 years) and the module
> is not in the default kernel rpm anymore.

I believe I've seen reiserfs in recent Arch Linux ARM installation on
PinePhone. I don't really think you can remove a feature people are

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