Re: Is it time to remove reiserfs?

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> > > So from my distro experience installed userbase of reiserfs is pretty small
> > > and shrinking. We still do build reiserfs in openSUSE / SLES kernels but
> > > for enterprise offerings it is unsupported (for like 3-4 years) and the module
> > > is not in the default kernel rpm anymore.
> > 
> > I believe I've seen reiserfs in recent Arch Linux ARM installation on
> > PinePhone. I don't really think you can remove a feature people are
> > using.
> Well, if someone uses Reiserfs they better either migrate to some other
> filesystem or start maintaining it. It is as simple as that because
> currently there's nobody willing to invest resources in it for quite a few
> years and so it is just a question of time before it starts eating people's
> data (probably it already does in some cornercases, as an example there are
> quite some syzbot reports for it)...

Yes people should migrate away from Reiserfs. I guess someone should
break the news to Arch Linux ARM people.

But I believe userbase is bigger than you think and it will not be
possible to remove reiserfs anytime soon.

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