[ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 15.99.1

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Happy Monday, everyone! We've just rolled out the first release candidate for PulseAudio 16.0.

tarball: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/releases/pulseaudio-15.99.1.tar.xz
sha256sum: 63a9d6bc2db87ff53d6425125bba89ae7e4d1479aaed559c5286f00a9736ede6

There's quite a lot in this release, small summary below, which will be fleshed out in proper release notes form for the final release:

  * Bunch of rewinding fixes, particular around resampling
  * New time smoother implementation (should be quicker to sync, and less likely to seesaw)
  * Better sync and latency as a result in tunnel, combine, and loopback modules
  * Opus support for RTP streaming
  * Bluetooth device battery level reporting
  * JSON output from pactl
  * Additional hardware support
  * Other bug fixes, translation updates, and improvements

Packagers will want to be aware of a path change for modules (and a corresponding paprefs update is required). GStreamer support for RTP modules is now enabled by default, and will require Opus plugins for that feature to work.

As usual, please test and report any issues.


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