pulseaudio parec recording short interrupt at user switch

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I use pulseaudio's parec to record an audio stream played
in a browser. I use openSUSE 15.1 with its default pulseaudio
version pulseaudio-11.1-lp151.5.3.

This is what I do:

load null sink:
pactl load-module module-null-sink  sink_name=stream

I move the firefox browser sound to null output in pavucontrol GUI.

I record the stream with parec:
parec -d stream.monitor --file-format out.wav

This works well. But I also want to switch between two user's desktop.
User1 is on VT7, user2 is on VT8.
I start to record on VT8, then I switch to VT7; the record is OK.
But when I switch back to VT8, the record gets a short interrupt
(pause), which is annoying. An image of the waveform showing the
short pause in the can be seen here:


How could I fix this, to get an uninterrupted recording?

Thanks in advance,


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