Pulseaudio and HomePod / ATV4

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I have been trying to get Pulseaudio setup on a headless RPI to provide output via a HomePod 

So, I have added the module-raop-discover to the default.pa.

I can see my HomePod in the list of sinks. 
I can set the home as the default sink 

set-default-sink raop_output.Home-Pod.local

But say playing a WAV file (as a test hangs??) e.g.

pacat -v < ./DING.wav
Opening a playback stream with sample specification 's16le 2ch 44100Hz' and channel map 'front-left,front-right'.
Connection established.
Stream successfully created.
Buffer metrics: maxlength=4194304, tlength=352800, prebuf=349276, minreq=3528
Using sample spec 's16le 2ch 44100Hz', channel map 'front-left,front-right'.
Connected to device raop_output.Home-Pod.local (index: 3, suspended: no).
Got EOF.
Failed to drain stream: Timeout3 usec.        
Playback stream drained.
Draining connection to server.

On the same RPI I have forked-daapd working perfectly streaming audio to the HomePod (so I believe the connectivity is perfect) !!

What I specifically want to do is use librespot to publish the HomePod locally around my network on Spotify and separately 
I can see that LibReSpot using using PulseAudio as its output and roughly hangs in the same place. 

So, basically I am wondering if anyone has successful managed to get the RAOP support in Pulseaudio to work - I did look at the 
source of forked-daapd and they seem to have their own RAOP codebase so possible they have forked the RAOP code for their own use.

Anyway, any help would be great.

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