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Title: Marionetas Mey

Sorry for not reading every mail of this thread... but I want to share with you my experience with PulseAudio - Zoom. I tried a lot of things to make mic-music work. I have onboard soundcard and a Logitech USB headphones/mic. And, finally, I end using other method, completly different.

- For the first time, I tried to use mic and music from OBS and create "something" to make Zoom take the audio: Pulseaudio remap module. I output all the audio from OBS to my speakers and remap it to a source module.

- Later, I discovered that audio output (monitor) from OBS was not stable... so, I create a system using pulseaudio sink modules, SoX and Play commands from console. Also, with SoX, I applied some filters in realtime (pitch, eq, highpass, echo and reverb).

- Then, I tried to hear only the music and Zoom in headphones and send my voice and the music to speakers (and turn them off "hardwarely"). For this, I created pulseaudio loopback modules and combine modules. It appear to work everything Ok... till I saw my CPU: on fire. I don't have a modern computer. This Pulseaudio consumtion and OBS consumption.... and Zoom consumption, the video was awfull. With luck: 5fps or less.

- I forgot to mention that the first try was with Jack. But, as I said, my computer was not good for OBS and Jack. So, I desisted.

- Finally, by trying to optimize OBS resolution, modules, SoX, Play and getting lot of headache... I tried Jack again. With stting OBS resolution at 704x396 instead of HD (less than half CPU process), I could use Jack with 128 frames: 8ms latency. So, I created a patch in PureData and connect what I want to what I want. I hear what I want and send what I want. Filters, fadeins, fadeouts, music, samples... everything I want.

Sorry that this is Pulseaudio maillist, but my advice is: use Jack.

If you still need pacmd/pactl commands to make it work as my first tries... ask for them. I can share them with you.

Good luck.

Mario Sottile - Director
(011) 15.6283.1576

El 18/5/20 a las 16:59, Samir Parikh escribió:
Sean Greenslade wrote on 5/17/20 10:04 PM:
On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 07:01:25AM -0400, Joe wrote:
Someone should write a small book on this. I bet it would sell.

Hah, you know, typing up this response has made me consider doing a
proper write-up for my much more elaborate/crazy/overcomplicated setup
involving network audio, pulse, JACK, carla, and calf LV2 plugins to do
automatic livestream background music replacement with gate-triggered
music ducking.


If it can clearly explain the basics of Linux audio networking, the concepts of Pulse, JACK and how they differ, and how to do things like in my original question, I'll be the first in line to put down 10-20 USD for a copy!
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