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[approved] [sr #105905] Occasionally, produces a huge xml output with contents: a rel="><

Follow-up Comment #2, sr #105905 (project mhonarc):

It's hard to provide any insight w/o knowing how mhonarc
is actually invoked and what resource configurations are
being applied.

Knowing the version of mhonarc in use may help also.

Some resource settings can cause a performance hit, and
there has been issues in the past where quirks in perl's
regex engine have been exposed, causing problems (like
infinite loops or consuming memory until things crash).

Your comments imply that archive updates are probably
not done in the most resource efficient manner.  If
things are configured to update archives right when messages
arrive, this is generally bad since it does not scale well,
and can lead to bottlenecks as mhonarc processes can queue
up waiting for a lock to release.

I favor a batch model where new messages are processed
on a periodic basis (maybe via cron).

If you can, see if you can isolate which archive and/or
messages causes the problem.  This way one can try to
see if the problem can be replicated outside of your


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