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Re: Cyrillic file names

On June 27, 2007 at 11:18, "Rustam Sharshenov" wrote:

> I have a problem archiving emails with file attachments with Cyrillic
> filenames. In my resource file I have
> ...
> m2h_external::filter; subdir usename
> and all attached Cyrillic filenames are being converted to "______".
> File links on archived html pages are OK.

Currently, mhonarc only allows characters in a subset of the ASCII range
to be used in filenames derived from a name in an email message.
This was mainly done for security reasons.

Also, the usage of non-ASCII character in email parameter values
tends to not follow standards (and the standards that do exist may
not be implemented by many MUAs).

To get the effect you want, code changes are required.  A key
routine is write_attachment() in mhmimetypes.pl.


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