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Re: MHonArc and Cyrus-imap


Again, YES THE FILE IDENTIFIER (NUMBER) IN CYRUS-MAP CARRIES A TRAILING DOT and this is why the default does not work.
Which is what the whole issue boils down to.

Also, I apologize for having forgotten that I had tried the default and example shown indeed in the detailed page on the resource (note that understanding that THERE was the problem was the most difficult for me).
Again I had been using MHonArc for years and had never experienced this
problem as I was working with single fully pathed Unix mailboxes.

I did not request anything from you, I only suggested that for idiots like me ONE LINE in the example section might be added:
"For Maildir directories made by Cyrus IMAP , mhpattern is ^\d+\.$ "

LIST: what follows is for Earl only, no interest to the list.


Please understand the point of view of such a user as me: I installed the software after a system upgrade, which worked fine off the box with Unix mailboxes, but supplied nothing with Maildir folders. I wasted a lot of time reading the doc and in particular resources, looking for some reference to Maildir structure. I tried with no mhpattern and with the command line example (skipping dotted files irrelevant in my case), to no effect of course, so obvious when you know.

I am not a professional computers person: developper since 1961 only, Mercury Autocode, Fortran, C; IBM 360, Nova, PDP-11, VAX, DOS assemblers; Pascal, CGI, some PHP; I probably forgot several.
 I was the first to patch some right-to-left text support in TeX before
Donald Knuth solved the problem at root level.
I have a part in CERN's large files automatic management in an heterogenous environment (FATMEN), in parallel with the team which made the http protocole to access them, and HTML (so called WWW, not "internet"). Alltogether I am a 71 years Physics prof., not a computer professional, guilty of never having had the need for Perl regular expressions. I do know some Perl, however. I have on my shelf the Perl Reference Guide, unfortunately version 4. Section 23, on Perl regular expression, has no reference neither to the ambiguous ^ (start of string, or "not"?, or context dependent) nor to the $ mark for string end. Which does not make it easy to understand the example and default given in the MHPATTERN resource page.

Actually I solved my problem myself the physicist's way with my imperfect \d (lousy, but sufficient to do the job) within a few minutes, after understnading that the wrong mhpattern, default and example, caused me idiot to fail to set MHonArc to work on Cyrus-IMAP folders.

Oh, I have been teaching, too, in my university, for 28 years only, which makes it difficult for me to understand why my modest suggestion had to trigger such a thread.

Sincerely, and, again, many many thanks for making MHonArc available to us.


Earl Hood wrote:

If the '.' character is actually part of the filename, then it must
be escaped:


Otherwise, '.' without the '\' will match any character.

If this is the case, then I can make an accurate addition to the FAQ.


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