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Re: MHonArc and Cyrus-imap

On June 25, 2006 at 00:02, Jacques Goldberg wrote:

> EXAMPLES DO NOT SHOW ANYTHING ELSE THAN '^[^\.]' which I, stupid me, 
> thus believed to be the default.


Which is part of the documentation that comes in every mhonarc

Every resource is documented in the reference manaul and each
resource page includes a "Default Setting" section providing the
default setting of the resource.

Unfortunately, it is not the role of the mhonarc documentation
to provide instruction on Perl regular expressions and all the
complexities it contains.  One must read the Perl documentation.

If one has problems with coming up with a proper regex, the
mhonarc-users list is the forum to seek help.  There are several
subscribers who are proficient in regular expressions.

BTW, I am open to documentation contributions, including a
Perl regex primer as it applies to mhonarc.

>    I agree that ^\d+.$ is much more "compliant" than my poor guess \d  .

If the '.' character is actually part of the filename, then it must
be escaped:


Otherwise, '.' without the '\' will match any character.

If this is the case, then I can make an accurate addition to the FAQ.


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