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Re: MHonArc and Cyrus-imap

  I suggest to drop that thread.
  I am not a MHonArc expert.
I used it for years with an earlier version of Linux which used the Unix mailbox format, with the -mbox option which by the way seems to have now anyway disappeared from the command line options list. With the Cyrus Maildir directories, and your mail definitely says why, I was getting nothing. Indeed Cyrus
DO contain that trailing dot. My post shows it.
So I spent hours (Ok, I am dumb) trying to find how to tell MHonArc that I want to use the Mairldir, not the mbox, format. I found nothing else than -mhpattern able to control file selection, AND THE DOCUMENTATION AND EXAMPLES DO NOT SHOW ANYTHING ELSE THAN '^[^\.]' which I, stupid me, thus believed to be the default. So
please, where is the default given in the documentation on the Web?
Then, by trial and error, I found that \d works. My initial post was nothing else than suggesting to clearly and explicitly include in the doc what the pattern should be for Cyrus-imapd users, in view of the quickly
growing Cyrus-imapd community.
  I agree that ^\d+.$ is much more "compliant" than my poor guess \d  .
But the main point remains: could the developpers be kind enough to include one additional line in the doc
giving the -mhpattern to be used along with Cyrus-imapd folders?

Before closing: my very deep gratitude to the team who so long made and continues to make my work possible.


Earl Hood wrote:
On June 23, 2006 at 16:25, Jacques Goldberg wrote:

It took me some time to understand why default -mhpattern '^[^\.]' was

That is not the default MHPATTERN resource value.  The default


Now, if the trailing '.' in your ls examples is actually part
of the message filename, then with the default MHPATTERN, mhonarc
would have found no messages.  Something like:


would be required.


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