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Re: How can I hide authors on thread index pages?

Dear Mhonarc-users,

>> In my tests, I was using the example subject.mrc file,
>> cut down to simply this:
>>   <!-- BEGIN subject.mrc
>>   modified by IDB from EHW's example subject.mrc 21.7.2005 -->
>>   <Subject>
>>   <strong><a $MSGTORDNUM[TTOP]$>$SUBJECT$</a></strong>
>>   </Subject>

> Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge there is no
> <Subject> resource:
> - not in subject.mrc
> - not in the resource file you provided a link to
> - not in the MHonArc resource index

Hmm. This is a good question: I can't remember where this
came from. Back to the drawing board.

> Please be more careful with what info you provide if you
> want help.

Yes, quite. I did post my initial query with the best
intentions and made it as accurate as possible, but I see
now that I should also have made it clear that I was using a
small number of messages (the real archive has 12000+
messages), and was using only subject.mrc as the sole
resource file (in a separate directory).

> But the <TLITXT> resource does, and since you haven't
> included that in your resource file, it defaults to:


> Does that possibly point you in the right direction? :)

Possibly! I tried the following:

  <strong><a $A_ATTR$>$SUBJECT$</a></strong>





and it seems to work. Can anyone else confirm it does for
them, too?

Off now to test against the full 12000-message archive. :-)

Best wishes,


Iain Brown

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