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Re: How can I hide authors on thread index pages?

Iain D. Brown wrote:
In my tests, I was using the example subject.mrc file,
cut down to simply this:

  <!-- BEGIN subject.mrc
  modified by IDB from EHW's example subject.mrc 21.7.2005 -->

  <strong><a $MSGTORDNUM[TTOP]$>$SUBJECT$</a></strong>

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge there is no <Subject> resource:
- not in subject.mrc
- not in the resource file you provided a link to
- not in the MHonArc resource index

The real myresource.mrc file I use for the mailing list is
too long to post here, so I have uploaded it to my Website:


In that file I see:

<li><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong>     $FROMNAME$</li>

i.e. including the $FROMNAME$ resource variable.

Please be more careful with what info you provide if you want help.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Email: http://www.gunnar.cc/cgi-bin/contact.pl

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