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Re: How can I hide authors on thread index pages?

On July 20, 2005 at 21:48, "Iain D. Brown" wrote:

> I wish to customise the threads index pages so that only the
> subjects are listed and link to the first message in the
> thread, and that all authors of replies are hidden; viz,
> instead of having:
> Is this possible? I have attempted to customise the example
> subject.mrc file (with 50% success -- the subjects are
> linked to the first message in the thread), but how can I stop
> the authors' names appearing in my otherwise perfect thread
> index?

The general answer is customize the page layout resources.
The Page Layout section lists out the resources that effect
thread index (and other pages) layout.

A more explicit answer can only be provided if you provide
us with your resource file.


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