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Re: CSS & MHonArc markup experiment

On March 5, 2004 at 23:49, Daniel Schregenberger wrote:

> > Exactly.  You also have the case, now, of users wanting different
> > markup than HTML.
> So maybe we should go with the hype and use XML and XSLT to convert it
> to whatever markup wanted? ;)

Not too likely.

Some users generate PHP, or even Java/JSP, and to go through XML/XSLT
is not very efficient.

Some people tend to forget that many users are not techies and would
be discouraged to go through XML/XSLT just to get what the default
settings of mhonarc do now.  I prefer to not mandate a particular
markup system.

For the greatest flexibility, the special delimiters should be
customizable.  Or better, have a complete template for each page type
vs the separate layout resources.  However, caution is required to
move to such a system without breaking existing archives.

I have considered the later on occassion, but have yet to put the
time in to consider how it can be done and preserver compatibility.
Compatibility can be a b*tch.


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