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Re: CSS & MHonArc markup experiment

>You are mixing two things: Layout markup and what mhonarc needs
>to properly edit pages.

Yes. They seemed so similar that I thought one might be able to get a
"double word score" and have a single abstraction layer cover both
cases.However, what I am hearing is: No - don't do that, use two separate
layers, one for markup and one for mhonarc control.

I don't yet understand why it is better to have the two separate
abstraction layers instead of merging into one. Presumably <div> tags
can be kept immutable, right? My best guess is that there might be
situations where the two abstractions would be at cross purposes.  For
example, someone is trying to produce some funky future document type
(let's say, HTML 5.0, or XHTML 3.0) with mhonarc and then they get
stuck with all these annoying and non-compliant <div> tags. Is that
the main concern?


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