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Re: Multi-Blog Alternative?

Hi Harshal and Lasar;

Thanks very much for your comments. You both suggest that I sort the messages at the email stage, then let MhonArc do the rest, so I suppose that's the way I should look to go. Movable Type looks like a good alternative as well, although a commercial license looks to be necessary. I suppose I should talk to my users and determine which is deemed to be the easier method of adding the information. I like that the email method would allow thoughts 'from the road' to be added from anywhere. But the instant gratification of the web interface has its benefits too.

Thanks people, I now know that MhonArc is a possible - that was my biggest question!


Harshal Chhaya wrote:


First off, let me say that MovableType (http://www.movabletype.org/)
handles multiple blogs without requiring multiple installs. There
may be other packages that can manage multiple blogs too but I have
used MT to do this and can say that it works.

Now to your question of if MhonArc can do it, It can definitely
do this with the help of some external scripts.

If I had to use MhonArc to manage multiple blogs, I would do it
this way:

- email to 'blog@xxxxxxxxxxxx', subject: <jobnumber><actual subject>, content: <Actual Content>
- we use IMAP and maildir's, so this would end up in blog's maildir folder as a single file.

I would actually use a script to receive all the email for the 'blog'
address and then place the incoming email in different dirs based on
the subject.

The remaining steps become easier since each blog has its own mail
store. You can run mhonarc to check all the maildirs and update
the blogs.

Either of these methods will work. If updating-by-email is preferable
go with MhonArc. If you prefer updating-through-GUI, MT is the way.


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