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Re: Multi-Blog Alternative?

On March 8, 2004 at 09:08, Brock Nanson wrote:

> I should start by saying that, yes, I could install and configure and 
> test and modify and try to work this out for myself, but I don't really 
> want to spend a great deal of time on a dead end!  Hopefully someone can 
> answer 'yes' or 'no' instead.

Have you searched the list archives?  Blog-based archives have
been discussed before, and there is at least one user that uses
mhonarc for blogging.

Also, there is an example blog.mrc resource file in an appendix
section of the docs.

> I had the brainwave that I might be able to adapt an email to html 
> conversion program to do this instead.  So what I'd do is:
> - email to 'blog@xxxxxxxxxxxx', subject: <jobnumber><actual subject>, 
> content: <Actual Content>
> - we use IMAP and maildir's, so this would end up in blog's maildir 
> folder as a single file.
> - run mhonarc or similar at regular intervals to parse through the 
> maildir and check for new messages.  If found:
>     - extract job number from the subject (this will determine the html 
> file to which message will be added)
>     - append actual subject and content to the page.
>     - ideally, delete the message when html conversion is complete.

Looks like procmail can be done to do all the pre-filtering and
to determine the proper mhonarc archive to add to.


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