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Multi-Blog Alternative?

Good Morning,

I should start by saying that, yes, I could install and configure and test and modify and try to work this out for myself, but I don't really want to spend a great deal of time on a dead end! Hopefully someone can answer 'yes' or 'no' instead.

I'm in an engineering firm. We have dozens of projects on the server that see active and somewhat active use. We're based on AutoDesk Land Desktop, which creates these project folders and does a good job of organizing things. What I want to do is add an Intranet 'blog' to each of these projects that will allow users to add notations viewable by others, EASILY. These comments could be anything from 'gov't agency X contact is Joe Blow' to 'the topo survey from Y is totally fsck'd, use with caution'. The trick is it has to be easy to use. Project folders are named by the job number.

I've looked at blog software (greymatter comes to mind), but they seem to want to run an instance of the scripts for each weblog. That's a maintenance nightmare I'd prefer to avoid. I need something that's scalable.

I had the brainwave that I might be able to adapt an email to html conversion program to do this instead. So what I'd do is:

- email to 'blog@xxxxxxxxxxxx', subject: <jobnumber><actual subject>, content: <Actual Content>
- we use IMAP and maildir's, so this would end up in blog's maildir folder as a single file.
- run mhonarc or similar at regular intervals to parse through the maildir and check for new messages. If found:
- extract job number from the subject (this will determine the html file to which message will be added)
- append actual subject and content to the page.
- ideally, delete the message when html conversion is complete.

It would be nice to put the html page in the actual project folder structure somewhere, so it gets archived with the project when complete. But I *could* put all the blogs in a single folder somewhere and create symlinks from the projects.

Is this something that mhonarc could be adapted to do? Easily, or is this a weeks work for a programmer? Is there something else out there that would do this 'out of the box'?

Any hints would be appreciated!

Brock Nanson

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